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QuotitONE is the smartest, fastest, most inexpensive way to get you selling on-exchange IFP insurance plans. It costs nothing to quote and only $1 per enrollment. And when you’re ready for something a bit more powerful, upgrade to QuotitPRO and unleash your full sales and CRM potential.

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$1.00 per enrollment

$1 per enrollment may seem low because it is. You won’t find pricing like this anywhere in the industry.

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Why pay for features you don’t need? Quote all you want for free and only pay per enrollment.

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Experience the difference genuine Quotit technology makes to your business. Use us if you like us, if you don’t, there’s no risk to you.

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QuotitONE is the essential toolkit and most inexpensive way to start selling insurance. And with no contract, no monthly fee, and no hidden fees, you get to experience Quotit technology with no risk.

  • Access to all rates, plans & benefits for on-exchange IFP plans
  • Subsidy Calculator
  • Online Enrollment
  • Manage Prospects & Clients
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